Tuesday, September 27, 2016

MT752L CCD High-Speed Wide Angle Barcode Engine

MT752L is a 1D barcode scanner is designed with an optimal capacity and pengintegerasian easy. This barcode scanner is perfect when applied to the industry - large-scale retail industry.

- Using a 32-bit ARM-based chipset
- Able to read 1D barcode types very quickly
- Low power consumption
- Supports UART and USB interface
- 3.3 VDC power supply
- 32x26.5x11 mm Dimensions
- USB interfaces, UART
- Reading time 1 ms
- The light source 650 mm red LED
- Resolution 0.1 mm
- Reading distance of 70,000 lux

Water Leakage Sensor ZigBee ZHA protocol

Water Leakage Sensor (ZigBee ZHA) is a water leakage detection sensor-based wireless protocol ZigBee or Z-Wave ZHA. This tool will send notifications to your phone when the detector comes into direct contact with water. With this tool you can quickly anticipate widening the overflow of water in the kitchen, the bathroom, and the room - the other room.

- Voltage: 3 VDC
- Static Flow: = 5uA
- Flow alarm: = 30mA
- Wireless protocol: ZigBee or Z-Wave ZHA
- Distance Control efficient: 100 m
- Working temperature: -10 ° C ~ 50 ° C
- Limit humidity: 5% ~ 95%
- Dimensions: 60x30x12.5 mm

Ss461c Hall Effect Digital Sensor

SS461C (Hall Effect Digital Sensor) is a bipolar hall effect sensor that works based on the magnetic field generated by the permanent magnet in SS461C. The working voltage of this sensor 4-24 V and accompanied by safety reverse polarity.

- Supply votage: 4-24 V
- Output current: 20 mA
- Supply current: 6 mA
- Operating Point Min / Max: 5 G to 95 G
- Release Point Min / Max (BRP): -95 G to - 5 G
- Package: TO-92-3 Flat

Pwdw02 Plastic Wheels For Servo Motor

Wheels for servo motors are made of plastic material.

- Diameter: 66 mm
- Width: 7mm
- Package sales: PWDW02 wheel (not equipped with the tire / rubber)

Dot Matrix 2.3 Inch Super Bright Red, 5x8 Type N

Dot matrix Red Super Bright 2.3-inch size.

  • Red
  • Dimensions 2.3 inch
  • Type N
  • Number of points 5x8
  • Number of LED / LED 40 points

Kabel Usb Printer A-B 1.5meter

Printer USB cable (USB connector USB A and B each end of the cable)

  • Black
  • The contents of the cable / wire 4
  • Mode fiber cable
  • Length 1.5 m

Led Ultra Bright Water Clear 5mm

Led Water Clear Ultra Bright 5mm
Ultra Bright LED with color choices
- Power Supply: 1,9V
- Current: 25mA (max)
- Light colors: Red, Green
- Color Lens: Water Clear
- Lens Diameter: 5mm
- Material: AlGaInP (Aluminum Gallium Indium Phosphide)
- Angle of light beam: 20 deg
- Light Brightness: 12000 mcd

7 Segment Red Super Bright Common Anoda

7 Segment Led Super Bright Common Anode With 0.5 Inch Sizes.
7 Segment Red Super Bright Common anode with a size of 0.5 inch.

  • Color Red Super Bright
  • Dimensions 0.5 "(inch)
  • Number digit 1
  • Common anode

Sunday, September 25, 2016

ublox LEA-6H GPS Shield For Arduino

GPS Receiver Module that can be used indoors (indoor). Besides having a UART and USB interfaces, the module also has a pinout compatible with Arduino. In the sales package of this product already include the GPS module and a passive antenna. RTC integrated with Crystal to speed warm and hot starts.

  • The power supply 2,7VDC - 3,6VDC
  • Working frequency 1575.42 MHz
  • LEA-6H controller
  • 2.5 m CEP positioning accuracy (GPS), 2 m (SBAS)
  • Number of satellite reception of 50 channels
  • Hot start 1s
  • Warm start 29 s
  • Cold start 26 s
  • The data format NMEA, UBX binary, RTCM
  • UART, USB, DDC (I2C compliant)
  • Antenna (internal / external) external

Friday, September 23, 2016


Diode rectifier with a current of 40 amperes and a voltage of 1.2 kilo volt.

  • A current of 40 A
  • Packaging DO-203AB-2
  • Input voltage of 1.2 kV peak